Kairos Fellowship

For Youth Grades 8 through 12

Kids need to be connected to adults and to each other, and fellowship is designed for that. We meet in small groups where students can connect with each other as they are led by an adult, and where they talk about a current lesson/topic, or simply encourage, challenge and keep each other accountable.

The studies help students to critically evaluate Scripture, themselves, and the culture they encounter. This is not the same as being critical of everything; rather, we all need to know what we believe and why, and then change our lives to reflect those beliefs.

Besides lessons and studies, there are games, outings and service projects, and they are planned and led primarily by the Student Leadership Committee (SLC).

SLC is a group of Grade 8-12 students assisted by Fellowship Leaders and the Pastor of Children and Youth. It gives the students an opportunity to serve and take responsibility for their fellowship, and gives the adult Leaders opportunities to train and encourage them on a more personal level than is possible during fellowship meetings.