Cherubim Choir

MUSIC has always been a vital part of the FEC community life – a passion, for sure! The FEC English Congregation’s CHERUBIM CHOIR, consisting of members ranging from 17 to 68 (our young at heart), affirms this biblical imperative to “sing to our God” through its repertoire of classical, gospel, contemporary, Jazz or a capella sacred songs which helps connect the congregation and each other in faith formation – to enliven a deeper understanding of God and experience of worship.

The Choir renders anthems – in full choir gown – twice a month at the 10:45 am Worship Service.  Longer choir participation also occurs during the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas services.  Presently, theensembletakes part at a Senior Home in Richmond in music, sharing, and fellowship – once or twice a year. Of course, Cherubim looks forward to more community opportunities as God ordains.

Each choir member offers their total commitment -seeing it as a calling from God to serve in this ministry.