5-Year Kalasin Thailand Church Plant Mission

Prayer items:

  • Pray for health and safety for the rest of the STM team.
  • Please pray for the children that we held the school program for, that they may learn more about Christ
  • Please continue to pray for all the people we have visited so far that they may continue to grow.
  • Pray for plans to be made for following up with the children


  • Thankful that the program is done, and that the final school was very enthusiastic about having us there. They were so happy about us being there that we went to the same school twice (morning and afternoon).
  • Thankful that the school ministry went well overall.
  • Thankful for the safe trip back to Vancouver

August 14, 2023

Flew back to Taipei, then Vancouver. Everyone made it home safely with no items going missing.

August 13, 2023

We had Sunday service today, and did some more debriefing after service. We are now preparing for our flight back home tomorrow.

August 11+12, 2023

On August 11, we took a break and went to the beach. We left for Chaoshoengsao around noontime. After we checked in, we took some time to celebrate Golf’s graduation from Bible school. After that, we shared testimonies at Hope Center.

August 10, 2023

  • Lao Glang Witayakhom (255, actual headcount is about 100)

Today we went to the last school for the school ministry. Luiza was not feeling well due to bug bites and inflammation. Since today was an optional day for the students, there was less turnout than what was originally stated in the plans. We held the morning program for the 100 students. After the program, the puppet team left for Bangkok. We then had debriefing with Pastor Naat, Boat, Nan, and Golf before lunch.

After lunch, we returned to the school to hold the English program as well as teach the students how to use the frisbee. While the programs were going on, Pastor Naat was discussing with the school English teacher on some possible follow-up through English programs in the future. The group split after the afternoon program, with Wichai and Wandee going with Luiza to the hospital. They were out of the hospital after about 1.5 hrs. After dinner, we had some discussion during the devotion time about the plans for the following days.

August 9, 2023:

  • Sa-at Nown Ngaam Witaya (75)
  • Lao Glan Ruam Wong Witaya (173) 

Jansen has recovered from his illness and was able to join us today.

We started to coordinate with the puppet team for the programs, and it went very well for both schools we visited today. Some struggled with heat exhaustion in the second school we went to. We did debrief at Pastor Naat’s house discussing what we can do for next year.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to do devotion.

August 8, 2023:

  • Tanyan Patana Witaya (241)
  • Ban Gae HuaHet SomHong Witaya (274)

Aaron has recovered from his illness and was able to join us today.

We went to one school for an English teaching session in the morning, which were grade 7 and above. The English teaching program went relatively well, but Naomi ended up feeling too tired to continue in the afternoon.

After the afternoon program, the rest of the team noticed that there were several problems given that the school was very large, and people had to talk over each other as everyone were in open space. The sound system wasn’t good enough for 255+ students, so retaining attention was difficult towards the end of the program since some of the younger students were getting restless.

We needed to re-structure the program given that we were encountering too many issues, especially when delivering the wordless story. So, we coordinated with the puppet team to see how the two programs can be combined to prevent exhaustion. Devotion was done in the evening as debriefing was done in the afternoon.

August 7, 2023:

In the morning, Aaron reported that he was feeling unwell. So he and Jansen were sent for check-up with the doctor. Since Aaron is only feeling mild symptoms, he has been moved to a separate room, and was advised to take medication as precaution.

Today we held a program for adults at a different church building from Pastor Naat’s house. The total headcount is 7 men and 22 women (with about 3-4 children). Rita shared her testimony during the program for adults that day.

In the afternoon, we started going to the schools (we plan to go to schools until Aug 10th). We held an English teaching session, did some activities, and shared the Gospel through the wordless story. Golf joined us while we were having the program. The children were fairly well-behaved, and the girls (and a couple older boys) were listening intently to the Gospel message. Please pray that the seeds that were planted will grow.

We did our debriefing before going for dinner, and the puppet team arrived in time for dinner as well. After dinner, we had our devotions. Aaron and Jansen joined through online call this time.

August 6, 2023:

Today we had Sunday service at Pastor Naat’s house. The attendees were mostly the children who attended yesterday, and some elderly people as well. There is a lady who has had an injury in the past and has had her pain taken away after coming to Christ (4 months ago). She is very grateful for her pain being taken away and is optimistic about being able to walk again. STM team went back to the hotel after lunch to rest. We also had our debriefing in the evening.

August 5, 2023:

Today we had English lesson for about 12 children, and we taught them phonetics. After the English lesson, the children stuck around to play games with everyone, and the driver even joined in playing with the children. After lunch and discussion of activities, some people went home while others went to Kamalasai. Aaron shared his testimony there.
Jansen is continuing to recover from his illness, and was not able to join today.

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August 4, 2023:

Today we heard Mo’s testimony during sharing time. Her testimony touches on how people are constantly looking for love, and how they will attempt to find it through relationships or other means. Only God can fill this void.

After we did praise and worship along with hearing Mo’s testimony, we went to one of the houses in the nearby village. This village separate from the villages that we visited yesterday, and some villagers came. There were no fans in the house, so everyone on FEC team seemed to be struggling a bit towards the end of the program. But thankfully, the wind got more strong towards the end as well.

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August 3, 2023:

Today we went to Pastor Naat’s house for the first time. There were about 30+ guests in the program consisting of all women. The program was fairly successful without any hiccups. We met with the village people and did some icebreakers with them, and we also prayed for them. Pastor Chin also shared his testimony during the program. After lunch, we did visitation in the village and prayed for those who are sick. We also shared the gospel during the visitations. After the visitation, we went back to Pastor Naat’s house and prepared the gifts for the school children.

20 out of 30 people accepted the Gospel that day.

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August 2, 2023

Left the apartment and traveled from Chaochoengsao to Kalasin (about 8-hour drive not accounting for stopover). We arrive in the Kalasin accommodations safely. Had dinner with the FEC team and did a quick debrief on the trip so far.

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August 1, 2023

Had breakfast and went to Hope Center to discuss logistics of the mission trip and shared testimonies. Maritoni explains the specifics of the programs we will be doing with the kids and adults. We then buy some of the remaining supplies for the activities. We went for Praise and Worship after dinner where Jansen shared his testimony.

July 31, 2023

We arrived at TPE safely and took a 2.5 hr flight to BKK. We were held up at customs because of the gifts we prepared for the school kids. The gifts were released, with some tariffs to pay. We met up with Rebecca and Gan at the airport and went for lunch. We then checked into the apartment and rested for a bit before going to Pastor Naat’s house for Praise and Worship. We also heard her testimony at this time.

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July 30, 2023

We met up at YVR and took a 12-hour flight to TPE. We arrived in TPE safely, with a bit of delay.