Announcements (for July 12, 2020)

“Thank You!” for joining us for today’s Worship Service (July 12th). We pray that you have been encouraged and blessed by our time before the Lord.

After today’s Service, please stay behind in our Zoom worship room to greet and catch up with one another.

We rejoice with Patrick Joseph & Kate Tan as we witnessed the baptism of their 2nd child, Josephine Kalea, born January 31st, 2020. The baptism took place on Friday, July 10th. Congratulations to the grandparents, Andres and Rosie Tan, Kate’s parents.

We thank the many brothers & sisters working together to make today’s Worship Service possible. Special thanks to the Limhanchiong Family for leading us in Praise & Worship, and to Jhan for providing the prelude music, and inserting the lyrics into the videos for Praise & Worship.

We thank the Lord for the completion of Victory VBS Camp #1 this past week. Please continue to pray for the leaders and children who will be at Camp #2, which starts tomorrow.

As we adjust to the “new norm”, let’s continue to participate in FEC’s virtual community. If you are not currently on our email list for the Zoom worship room or Wednesday’s Praise & Prayer time, or if you would like to join a Small Group that is meeting over the summer months, please contact our pastors.

One of the important steps leading to our Annual Membership Meeting every November is the nomination of elder and deacon candidates. Here is an important announcement from our Consistory regarding a change in the nomination process.

Dear members of FEC:

Up until 2011, the elder and deacon candidates were nominated by consistory members. In 2012, the Administration Committee recommended that in order to encourage greater participation, and increase the number of people willing to serve in the Consistory, to include our members in the nomination process. Each congregation (Chinese and English) will nominate and vote for a different set of candidates to serve in the Consistory. This recommendation was adopted by the Consistory, and changes made accordingly for the 2012 election, including the formation of a Nominations Supervisory Committee to promote and supervise the nomination process each year. From 2012 to 2019, with both FEC members and consistory members responsible for nominating the candidates, only 2-3 FEC members had participated each year. Almost all the nominations came from consistory members, members of the Nominations Supervisory Committee, or church staff. To simplify the nomination process, the 2019 Consistory made the decision to return to our previous method – nomination by consistory members only, starting this year (2020).

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, we welcome you to communicate with our Consistory through email. Please send your question or concern to: Only two elders and the  senior pastor will be reading these emails initially, and our Consistory will do its best to respond to your questions or concerns. The Chinese Elder monitoring emails is Amy Hui Mei Cheng; English Elder is Dan Coquinco.