Announcements (for September 27, 2020)

  1. Thank you for joining our Worship Service this morning – in-person or remotely. I trust that you have been encouraged and blessed by our time together. We thank the many brothers and sisters laboring together to make this worship service possible.
  2. If you are burdened to come together to pray for brothers and sisters who have requested our prayer, join us in the Virtual Worship room at 10:15 AM each Sunday.  We’ll pray in small groups, and end by 10:30 AM. 
  3. We thank the Lord that we have resumed In-person Worship. In compliance with Provincial health guidelines, 50 seats will be available each week. Before coming to church for worship, please visit the FEC website and click “In-Person Worship” for online registration.
    Starting this week (September 27 th ), FEC website registration will also be the only means for Youth and College Sunday School members to sign up, and for this group; the deadline is Friday at 7 pm due to logistic issues.
  4. Next Sunday is Holy Communion Sunday. Let us prepare our hearts to approach the Lord’s Table. If you are worshiping in person, we’ll be using “fellowship cups”, a pre-packaged cup of grape juice with a wafer on top. If you are joining us from home, please prepare your
    bread and cup.
  5. This Thanksgiving season, we will have our annual Thanksgiving Offering as a grateful response to the Lord’s mercy and keeping during this COVID-19 pandemic. Specific details will be provided next Sunday.
  6. This morning, we give thanks and say “goodbye” to Pastor Arlene, our Children Ministry pastor for the past 3 years. May the Lord continue to guide and bless her in the next chapter of her life and ministry.
  7. Both our Youth (High School) Sunday school and the University Sunday School are offering an onsite meeting every Sunday. University (College) Sunday school will begin from 9 am to 10:15 AM and Youth Sunday School will meeting from 10:45 AM to 12 PM. Virtual options are available for those who cannot attend our in-person meetings on Sunday. If you are between the age of 18 to 25 and you would like to join our University (college) Sunday school please contact Jansen @ +1 (236) 777-7782 ( or
    Tiffany @ (604) 349-8148 (
  8. Children from Preschool to Grade 7 are invited to re-join their Sunday School classes in person on October 11. Ongoing online Sunday School classes are also offered at 9 AM every Sunday on Zoom. Please check your email from the Children Ministry or for more details.
  9. Do contact our pastors if you have any questions or would like to attend any of our virtual meetings offered throughout the week.