We thank the Lord and all FEC members for a successful 2020 Annual Membership Meeting. In this first ever virtual Membership Meeting, we witnessed the enthusiastic participation of our members and the cooperative efforts of many in overcoming the initial technical difficulties.

All four consistory candidates were affirmed through the election.

  • Elected as Deacon (Chinese Congregation) – Jennifer Syyong
  • Elected as Elder (English Congregation) – Willie Si
  • Elected as Deacon (English Congregation) – Ricardo Lim
  • Elected as Deacon (English Congregation) – Kenneth Tiu

Following RCA’s Book of Church Order, the names of elected Elder and Deacons will be posted and announced for three consecutive Sundays before their installation. During this time, please feel free to bring any concerns or questions you may have before our pastors.

During FEC’s 36th Anniversary Worship Service on January 24 th , 2021, we will witness and participate in the ordination and installation of our newly elected Elder and Deacons, and express our gratitude to the Deacons taking a rest from active duties. Let’s pray for God’s continued provision and leading for FEC as we enter a new year.

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Jennifer SyyongJennifer Syyong (Deacon Candidate – Chinese Congregation)


記得在1993年趁著有一段難得的假期我帶著媽媽從香港來到加拿大烈治文探望三姨媽李金燕。 抵達温哥華的第二天剛好是星期日。三姨媽帶著我們母女倆一起上教會做禮拜。那天是我人生第一次走進教會。記得當日牧師講道的信息和敬拜讚美詩歌讓我內心有一種說不出平安喜樂的感覺。感謝主, 在逗留加拿大短短十幾天的時間裡, 從70岁的三姨媽身上我看到上帝是如何帶領和保守一位當她年僅三十幾歲就成了寡婦, 靠著主的憐憫和恩典成功地撫養栽培出五個孩子長大成材, 她的人生見證了做一個專心敬畏信靠耶和華的人什麼好處都不缺的事實。我決定要和三姨媽一樣相信這位滿有慈愛, 信實, 良善且又真又活的神。我在1996年於温哥華閩南堂決志接受主耶穌基督做我個人的救主,同年受洗。

2019年l月份我開始參加教會中文部旺得福團契服事團隊, 和同工們一起帶領長者們做運動, 研討如何注意平時的飲食習慣, 預防跌倒, 保持身體健康, 最重要的是希望借著這個平台為主廣傳福音, 同時也學習為主活出愛人如己的活潑生命。

2020年這埸突如其來的疫情徹底地把我帶到主的面前,讓我開始重新思考我和主的關係, 調整我的生活優先順序。做了二十五年的工作在今年三月底被暫停解僱頓時使我失去了人生的方向, 我每天不斷地求問上帝要我在這段疫情當中學習什麼功課? 我要做什麼才能夠合神的心意?有一天無意中聽到一首讚美詩歌: [你可願意被差遣]。主用這首詩歌和我的心說了很多話。以塞亞書6:8 我又聽見主的聲音, 說:“我可以差遣誰呢?誰肯為我們去呢?”我説:“我在這裹,請差遣我!” 馬太福音9:37-38耶穌對門徒說:「要收割的莊稼很多,工人卻很少。 38 因此,你們要祈求莊稼的主人派更多的工人去收割。」


”And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.“ Romans 8:28

I remember taking a rare holiday with my mother from Hong Kong to Richmond, Canada in 1993 to visit my aunt Ellen Sy. The day after arriving in Vancouver happened to be a Sunday. My aunt went to church with my mother and me. That day was the first time in my life that I entered a church. I remember that the pastor’s message and praise songs gave me an inexpressible sense of peace and joy in my heart. I thank the Lord for my short stay in Canada because during that time, I saw how God led and protected my 70-year-old aunt from when she became a widow in her 30s to how she relied on God’s compassion and grace to successfully raise five children. Her life bears witness to the many blessings that come with being a person dedicated to fearing and trusting God. I decided to believe in this loving, faithful, kind, true and living God like my aunt. In 1996, I decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at Fujian Evangelical Church and was baptized in the same year.

In January 2019, I began to participate in the Church’s “Wonderful” Fellowship Service Team, where our team led exercises for the elderly, discussed how to pay attention to daily eating habits, prevent falls, maintain good health, and most importantly, we hoped to use this platform to spread the gospel for the Lord, and simultaneously learn to love our neighbor as ourselves.

The sudden epidemic in 2020 has completely brought me to the Lord’s presence, allowing me to rethink my relationship with the Lord and adjust my life priorities. After twenty-five years of work, I was temporarily laid off at the end of March this year and immediately lost my direction in life. I kept asking God every day what lessons should I learn during this epidemic? What can I do to be a woman after God’s own heart? One day I listened to a hymn of praise: [Are You Willing to Be Sent]. The Lord used this hymn to speak to my heart. Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Matthew 9: 37-38 “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

I thank the Lord for His mercy and grace and for giving me the opportunity to serve the Lord as a deacon in the church next year. I am willing to be united in the Lord with the pastors and fellow brothers and sisters of the church, encouraging each other with love in the Lord, accepting each other with heart in the Lord, bearing witness to Christ in the Lord, and fulfilling my mission in the Lord!

Willie SiWillie Si (Elder Candidate – English)

  1. How did you become a believer in Jesus Christ?

    Even though I grew up in a Christian school and had been exposed to God as a young child, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was self-centered, proud, was full of anger and envy. However, in one of my Sunday School class, a Pastor explained clearly my need for a Lord and Savior. I realize my behaviour was being controlled by my sin nature. My attempt to lead a life that pleases God on my own efforts and merits ends in futility. I also learned from this Pastor that victory over sin is only through accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and that He sends the Holy Spirit to empower me to become Christlike. After I turned 18, I was baptized in His Name and have been a follower of Christ ever since.

    即使我是在基督教學校長大,小時候接觸過神,但我與耶穌基督是沒有個人關係。我以自我為中心,感到自豪,充滿了憤怒和嫉妒。但是,在主日學課程中,一位牧師清楚地解釋了我對救主的需求。我覺悟到自己的行為是受到我的罪惡的控制。我試過以自己的努力和功勞來取悅上帝,卻都無用. 我還從這位牧師那裡得知,只有通過接受耶穌基督為我的救主,才能戰勝罪惡. 神差派聖靈使我有能力學成基督的榜樣

  2. What made you decide to accept the nomination to be an elder or a deacon candidate?

    Receiving God’s abundant Grace is leading me to generously extend that Grace to others.


  3. Share 1-2 area(s) you have enjoyed serving in at FEC.

    Small Group Leader; Choir Member

    小組長 詩班員

  4. Share a verse from God’s Word that is meaningful to you

    Galatians 2:20 – I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

    加 拉 太 書 2:20
    20 我 已 經 與 基 督 同 釘 十 字 架 , 現 在 活 著 的 不 再 是 我 , 乃 是 基 督 在 我 裡 面 活 著 ; 並 且 我 如 今 在 肉 身 活 著 , 是 因 信 神 的 兒 子 而 活 ; 他 是 愛 我 , 為 我 捨 己

  5. Your language preference.



Ricardo Lim (Deacon Candidate – English Congregation)

  1. 你是如何成為一位耶穌基督的跟隨者? How did you become a believer in Jesus Christ?

    I grew up in a Christian family in the Philippines and went to a Christian school.

    Naturally, I heard of the gospel at an early age and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior early on in my childhood (perhaps as early as Kindergarten).However, I did not profess my faith through public declaration and the sacrament of baptism until I was 13 years old after my family immigrated to Canada.

    我是在菲律賓長大. 家庭是敬拜主的. 去過教會學校念書.
    很自然, 在年輕時就聽到福音. 因此, 小時侯就已經接受主 (好像是幼稚園時)
    但是我沒有行過洗禮,堅信禮. 一直到十三歲移民到加拿大後才洗禮.

  2. 是什麼原因讓你決定接受執事候選人的提名? What made you decide to accept the nomination to be an elder or a deacon candidate?

    ‘In view of God’s mercy’, I am always ready and willing to serve the Lord in any way I can, and I have served as a deacon in the past.
    I was originally asked to let my name stand as an elder candidate, but I have always felt that my gifts are better suited to serve as a deacon rather than an elder. So I decided to let my name stand as a deacon candidate.

    因著上帝是慈悲的觀點, 不管以任何的方法, 我時刻都願意準備事奉.

  3. 在閩南堂的服事中, 請分享1或2項你所喜歡做的服事. Share 1-2 area(s) you have enjoyed serving in at FEC.

    When I was a young adult, I enjoyed serving as a choir member in the bass section. Serving in a choir is a good place to learn to work together in unity and harmony, I also enjoyed serving in the General Services team doing ‘background’ tasks.


  4. 請從神的話分享一節對你充滿意義的話語. Share a verse from God’s Word that is meaningful to you.

    Philippians 2:14-15. “14 Do everything without grumbling or arguing, 15 so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God without blemish though you live in a crooked and perverse society, in which you shine as lights in the world.” I should serve the Lord without complaining or arguing, and with humility.

    腓立比書 2:14-15: 14 凡所行的, 都不要發怨言,起爭論,15 使你們無可指摘, 誠實無偽, 在這彎曲悖謬的世代作神無瑕疵的兒女。 你們顯在這世代中,好像明光照耀.

  5. 語言使用的傾向。Your language preference.

    English 英文

Kenneth TiuKenneth Tiu (Deacon Candidate – English Congregation)

  1. How did you become a believer in Jesus Christ?

    I was born into a Christian family. I thought I was a believer because our family went to church weekly and we studied at a Christian school. I attended a conference when I was in Grade 6. The speaker explained that each person should make an individual decision to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. I made that decision that day and start the journey as a real Christian.


  2. What made you decide to accept the nomination to be an elder or a deacon candidate?

    Starting last August, our family encountered many difficult situations and Josie went home to be with the Lord. I plan to take a break from ministries and would like to limit my participation. Emotionally and physically, I am adjusting to life without my beloved wife. I read ” Catching your Breath” – Grieving the Loss of a Spouse ” by Susan VandePol (Discovery Series). The last chapter “The Commission” really speaks to me.

    從去年八月開始,我們的家庭遇到了許多困難,雅雲離世與主同在。我計劃減少事奉多休息,並希望限制我的參與。從情感上和身體上,我正在適應失去我心愛的妻子的生活。我讀了Susan VandePol的 – ‘悲痛的失去配偶’最後一章“大使命”真的對我說話。

    “In Luke 9, the disciples, beyond exhaustion, begged Jesus to send the crowds away to find provision elsewhere. But Jesus knew the paradox of giving out of brokenness, though the disciples reasoned that they were in a “desolate place” and did not have anything left to give. Instead, Jesus said, “You feed them.” Imagine. Imagine Jesus saying that to you . . . right now in your desolate place. You think, I’ve got nothing left. Nothing. But what if your burden is your plenty? You’ve got an abundance of that! Remember, the provision that day came from the hand of Jesus, and Jesus kept providing—as He will for you. What comprised that day’s leftovers were broken pieces “filling-full” God’s promise to always be with them and in them. But it would take a miracle, you say.

    Believer, the fragments of life you think are good for nothing, are really food for giving. Your Master will surprise you and lovingly blend them with His healing joy, and grief will become your abundant wealth and overflow to others. Death does not have the last word after all, because death . . . has been swallowed up in victory!”

    在路加福音9章中,門徒們精疲力盡,懇求耶穌把群眾趕到別處去尋找糧食。但是耶穌知道付出的悖論,儘管門徒們認為他們處於一個“荒涼的地方”,沒有留下什麼可以供給的。耶穌說:“你們餵他們。想像。 想像耶穌對你這樣說。 。 。 現在就在您荒涼的地方。您認為,我一無所有。 沒有。但是,如果您的負擔很大,該怎麼辦? 你有很多!請記住,那天的供應來自耶穌的手,耶穌一直照他所願為你提供。那天剩下的東西都是零碎的.“充滿”- 神應許永遠在他們其中並與他們同在,。但是,您會說這需要一個奇蹟。相信,您認為生活的碎片是一無是處的,確實是給予的食物。您的主會讓您大吃一驚,並以祂醫治之愛充滿您們,悲傷將成為多人的祝福。死亡畢竟沒有影響力,因為死亡。 。 。 被主耶穌的勝利吞下了!”

    I humbly accept this nomination and the opportunity to serve God and FEC members.


  3. Share 1-2 area(s) you have enjoyed serving in at FEC.

    Sunday school – to teach and get to know younger members of the church


    Mission and Outreach Committee – to participate in the Great Commission


  4. Share a verse from God’s Word that is meaningful to you.

    Romans 12:4-5
    For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body and each member belongs to all the others.

    羅 馬 書 12:4-5
    4 正 如 我 們 一 個 身 子 上 有 好 些 肢 體 , 肢 體 也 不 都 是 一 樣 的 用 處 。5 我 們 這 許 多 人 , 在 基 督 裡 成 為 一 身 , 互 相 聯 絡 作 肢 體 , 也 是 如 此 。