Welcome to the Fujian Evangelical Church website

Fujian Evangelical Church (溫哥華基督教閩南堂) is a Reformed Church in America (RCA) Congregation. We have Sunday Worship Services in English, Mandarin and Minnanese. Our two English Services take place at 9 AM & 10:45 AM. The Mandarin Worship Service is at 9AM, and the Minnanese Worship Service is at 10:45AM. Sunday School for children takes place at both 9AM and 10:45AM.


Our address:

12200 Blundell Road,
Richmond, BC, Canada V6W 1B3
Phone: 604-273-2757
Fax: 604-273-2758
Email: office@fec-richmond.com

Note: If you are having problems viewing the Chinese characters on this site, we encourage you to download and install the ffg.: Simplified Chinese language pack and Traditional Chinese language pack